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Reaching Across

3833 Peralta Blvd D, Fremont, CA 94536

Phone: (510) 745-9500



Covid-19 Response:

Reaching Across is offering individual peer support as well as a wide variety of groups via Zoom. These include spirituality, mindfulness, peer support, yoga, tai chi, music appreciation, and more. You can contact the Program Manager, Natalie Stone, by emailing her at  

PLEASE NOTE: During this time we don't have staff at the site to immediately answer your phone calls.

Please send us an email for a quick resposne. 

Join our Peer Support Groups!

Anyone with mental health challenges is encouraged to join any meetings that seem interesting to you. If this is your first time joining a support group, know there is no intake interview, simply click here for the zoom links to join. 

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Reaching Across is a supportive and inclusive group, and all folks with lived experience are welcome to attend, we do not discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, religion, spiritual practices, (dis)ability, nationality, or any other identities. 

Rev. Jaqueline Duhart reads the words of Norma Nelson, sister of deceased prisoner Donald

Rev. Jaqueline Duhart reads the words of Norma Nelson, sister of deceased prisoner Donald Nelson, while Rev. Barbara Meyers holds a photograph of them.

Image credit: Bruce Lescher,

A Message from Reverend Barbara Meyers 

of Reaching Across

June 2022

On May 24, there was a vigil at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors building in Oakland to protest the deaths at Santa Rita Jail.  I counted about 15 religious professionals (including me) and about 150 other attendees. Two people from Reaching Across attended. Here's a link to the Channel 2 news story on our vigil:  


At the vigil we solemnly read the names of the 63 people who had died in Alameda County Jail since 2014, and had posters with their names.  Some of the family members were in attendance and they or their attorneys spoke.  The message was that Sheriff Ahren runs a jail with a much higher death rate than any other counties, and his solution is to settle with the family members who sue him for millions of dollars, rather than improving conditions.  The leading cause of death is suicide and many of the prisoners have serious mental illness.  The conditions are horrific and he has been sued and settled with the US Justice department over that.  He needs to be held accountable by the Board of Supervisors and hopefully replaced in this year’s election.  But this problem isn’t going to be easy to solve.  There aren’t adequate places for these prisoners to go to in the mental health system.  We’re hoping that this demonstration is a start in making the big public stink it will take to make a difference.

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